Foggy Morning

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2-layer engineered American Black Walnut Multiplank. Sanded, Hardwax UV Oiled. Engineered Planks standard with microbevel on the 2-long sides. Some exceptions may apply!

Wood specie

American Black Walnut


Grade: Select/Nature.


Black Walnut Plank - Microbevelled on 2-long sides
20/5 x 260/300 x 1000~3000 mm
15/3 x 180 x 1000~3000 mm

Black Walnut Herringbone
2-layer engineered. Standard with 4-sides microbevel
15/3 mm x 180 x 540/720/900 mm               
20/5 mm x 260 x 780/1200 mm
20/5 mm x 300 x 900/1200 mm

Black Walnut Chevron (45°)
2-layer engineered. Standard with 4-sides microbevel
15/3 mm x 180 x 900 mm