Our CHOPPED oak wall cladding is made out of solid oak wood. The surface is distressed by a combination of hand hewing and other artisanal aging techniques. The indentations created by the aging-techniques also absorb the sound significantly and rooms become considerably quieter. The final product is full of character, adding a special flair to any room. Installation is to be made with countersunk head screws. Holes can also be filled in afterwards if you wish.

- Wood species: European oak
- Thickness: appr 20 mm solid oak (+/- 3mm)
- Width: 150-230 mm mixed widths
- Lengths: 600 – 2500 mm random lengths
- Edges: square edges on all sides
- Connection: without tongue and groove
- Grading: Character
- Surface structure: hand chopped, untreated
- Finishing:

  • Unfinished (natural oak)
  • 'Fumed’
  • ‘Weathered’
  • ‘Carbonized’


- All our products are custom-made. Every oak tree is unique and will therefore slightly deviate from any sample!
- Kindly note that the chopped oak colours depend on the amount of the tannin in the wood. Each plank thus gets a natural colour variation. Sunlight and oygen will slightly change the colour in the course of time.
- Our chopped oak is not protected by any lacquer or oil and therefore it does not offer any protection against liquids, grease, or any other dirt.