NATURA (Brushed & Matt Lacquer)

The NATURA COLLECTION covers a Bespoke production range of engineered Oak Plank / Herringbone / Chevron and Decorative Panels, with 12 design options with a Nylon Brushed & UV dried Anti Scratch Matt Lacquered (ASML) surface.


A high quality European Oak collection in 2-layer precision factory manufactured, cold pressed laminated, stable engineered Multiplank. Using 100% kiln dried birch flooring grade plywood constructed with the latest generation of Heavy-duty elastic adhesive. Produced with a moisture content of М/С 7±2%.

NATURA comes with a slightly wire brushed surface, which accentuates wood grains and is available in 12,5mm, 15,5mm and 20,5mm thickness. Factory pre-finished with a silk-matt Diamond-UV-Nature (top class anti-scratch matt UV lacquer with corund for extra protection). This acrylic based 6 coat UV lacquer system has a matt anti-scratch top coat and A1203 corundum nanoparticle filled base coats for extra protection.

This Brushed & matt lacquered oak woodfloor collection combines the benefits of oiled and lacquered flooring, providing a hard wearing and maintenance free finish with the look and feel of traditional Brushed & oiled flooring. This collection is designed with natural colors, having accentuated wood grains, bringing warmth and coziness to your living space.

All products are produced with a standard microbevel on all 4-sides.

Available in Oak gradings:
20,5mm in Premium - Noble - Character.
15,5mm in Premium - Nature - Classic - Life - Character.
12,5 mm in Nature - Life, in this 12,5 mm both grades with sapwood allowed
Some restrictions may apply!

20,5/5 x 290 x 1200~2400/3000* mm
20,5/5 x 230 x 900~1800/2100/2400* mm 
20,5/5 x 190 x 600~1800/2100/2400* mm 
15,5/4 x 230 x 900~1800/2100/2400* mm 
15,5/4 x 140/190 x 600~1800/2100/2400* mm 
12,5/3 x 140/160 x 600~1800/2300* mm
* length of packs subject to raw material yield

20,5/5 x 110 x 595 mm 
15,5/4 x   70 x 560 mm 
15,5/4 x 110 x 595 mm 
15,5/4 x 140 x 700 mm 
12,5/2,5 x 110 x 595 mm

20,5/5 x 110 x 515 mm (45°)
15,5/4 x   90 x 535 mm (45º)
15,5/4 x 110 x 515 mm (45°)
15,5/4 x 140 x 805 mm (45°)
12,5/2,5 x 110 x 515 mm (45º)

Decorative Panels 
See our Panel Collection for more details on models and dimensions

Decorative Tiles  Not possible with a lacquered finish.